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Viridis Developments Featured

Viridis Developments Viridis Developments

Viridis Developments was born from the desire of its founders to create new, exciting, green-sustainable residential and mixed-use development projects. We’re a forward thinking, environmentally-conscious development company whose mandate is to generate a carbon-footprint as low as possible on all the projects we get involved. Viridis will utilize the proven expertise of its team and professional partners to acquire real estate throughout Ontario, Canada and turn it into successful communities.  

“Our belief in maintaining a healthy environment around us is so strong that we have decided to share our knowledge in the “green-sustainable” industry field with other companies that recently have decided to “make the switch” to a better development.”

We are actively seeking new projects and development opportunities to which we will respond quickly giving us an edge to the continuous changes of the marketplace demands. We are always looking for new technologies that address the quality of water, air and soil, technologies that can generate more power from the sun or wind, proven or upcoming technologies, that we will promote and dare to embed in our projects as leaders and not followers.

The company is evaluating several sites in the GTA area that have the potential of high-density projects, with a mixture of both commercial and residential. We have also been invited to share our experience in the renewable energies field on international projects. We will share more information with you as soon as these projects become public.

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