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Sustainable Architecture: Learning from Nature & The Magic of Symbiosis

Those who are inspired by a model other than Nature, a mistress above all masters, are laboring in vain—Leonardo daVinci

I’m a science fiction author and the alien race in my book “Collision with Paradise” live 100% sustainably in a cooperative and synergistic partnership with their environment, including intelligent organic houses with self-cleaning floors and walls, heated, fueled and lit by organisms in a commensal relationship. Everything works on a natural cycle of harmonious renewal and natural evolution.

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Lace Hill: A Living Green Mountain Building for Armenia

An interesting article was published on inhabitat.com: Instead of designing a large glass-faceted building for a new mixed-use development in Yerevan, Armenia, Forrest Fulton Architects came up with a giant living man-made mountain! The entire facade of the hill-shaped building is covered in native plants, which act to absorb heat, filter air and water, and provide habitat to animals and insects, while the entire surface is irrigated with recycled graywater. Inspired by traditional Armenian lace needlework, Lace Hill, is punctuated with recessed windows, has interior voids that act as cooling towers, and includes many other sustainable building strategies.

Birmingham, Alabama-based Forrest Fulton Architects wanted to avoid designing yet another towering glass structure for the mixed-use development. Instead they chose to create a structure whose form more closely resembled the surrounding hills of Yeravan, located between the Black and Caspian Seas. The hill development proposal is 85,000 sq meters (900,000 sq ft) and incorporates retail and restaurants on the bottom floor, office space on the north side, and a hotel and apartments on the south side, which has great solar access and the best views. Parking and car access is completely underground, so no automobile traffic mars the approach of the sloping hillside, which eventually connects to a open space and park to the west of the structure.

Viridis Developments

Viridis Developments was born from the desire of its founders to create new, exciting, green-sustainable residential and mixed-use development projects. We’re a forward thinking, environmentally-conscious development company whose mandate is to generate a carbon-footprint as low as possible on all the projects we get involved. Viridis will utilize the proven expertise of its team and professional partners to acquire real estate throughout Ontario, Canada and turn it into successful communities.  

“Our belief in maintaining a healthy environment around us is so strong that we have decided to share our knowledge in the “green-sustainable” industry field with other companies that recently have decided to “make the switch” to a better development.”

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